Let it Burn



Most Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“The GOP is not, in any meaningful sense, a conservative, first-principles, Constitutionalist Party — and unless it’s subsumed by the Tea Party, it never will be. Rather, it’s content to be the lesser half of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party as long as it can collect some of the pork scraps from underneath the table of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government. No wonder they keep losing — they like it.”

Up until this week, the facts we incorporated into our opinion of the Republican Party, were simply ideological facts. That is, the GOP seemed gutless but not beyond its uses, which were mainly that it was in place, organized, and pliable enough to be bent in the Right direction.

It was a foolish consistency of ours, because the trickle of disgust we felt with GOP temporizing and the McCainoid conceits about fairness to your executioner, has turned to a tidal wave of contempt for the McConnell and Boehner Models. We were blind to the systematic and functional purposes of the GOP, but not anymore.

The cadre of the party and its support groups, its camp followers, signal section, strategists and petty bureaucracy are really and truly parasitical. Keeping the host alive, which is the status quo, is its elan vital, not the projection of a philosophy of government, or any consistent set of ideas. The establishment GOP (minus the Tea Partiers), is actually as awful in human terms as their behavior suggests. They don’t have the blast furnace of motives that liberals have, or enough heat in their own hands to thaw out a frozen house fly. They’re suckling pigs.

The Tea Party is surrounded by enemies now, and a premature prediction is hence: The Tea Party will not fight for control of the GOP for very long. As Walsh notes, the Media will crush it. Salon recently set the coming tone with what will soon be the Media’s strategy. Salon bypassed the ordinary mockery of the Tea Party “type”, to analyze the Tea Party’s sinister general staff, which is the Southern and Mountain State burger class of businessmen. It’s the first attempt we’ve seen to depict the TP as a serious movement with a hierarchy of determined non-sophisticates in the pilot house.

The Tea Party type is a survivor, a resourceful independent whose adaptable plan is not to survive but to prevail. To do so, they’ll let the dead bury the dead rather than fight for terrain that isn’t worth having. At the moment, there is no part of the liberal Leviathan that’s worth the indignity of fighting for. Let it burn.

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