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Cross Current

Terminator and Terminatee Al “Chakra” Gore Fires Keith Olbermann Too bad for Keith. The only thing between him and spinning Oldies on a 5-Watt station in Ohio was the perv madman in the front office. Replacing Olbermann with Spitzer to … Continue reading

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Men Like Gods…

Or Angels of Death? Anders Sandburg, the “serious philosopher” from Oxford says he/they “might not” be entirely serious about the proposals. Seems to me that a serious philosopher” would turn a thought to the philosophical and ethical questions of human … Continue reading

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If it’s news, it’s here

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Illegals driving Liberals NUTS

IT WORKS! 11 States Ask Supreme Court to Stop Other States From Enforcing Immigration Laws. These 11 Refuse to Deter Illegal Immigration But Say Tough Enforcement Elsewhere Is Pushing Too Many Illegal Aliens Into Their States. The political leaders of … Continue reading

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Everything Old is New Again

  The Black Panthers’ Memory Lane I was living in Connecticut when Alex Rackley’s tortured body was pulled from the Coginchaug in Middlefield. I’d driven by the spot on my way down the back roads to Guilford, a few days … Continue reading

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Obama’s budget defeated

House butchers Obama’s 2013 budget Budget so putrid, it would kill flies on a $h1+wagon. According to the State Owned Media, GOP responsible, Dems not allowed to vote. Boehner, in a rage, trashed the document. The vote came as the … Continue reading

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