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Border patrol


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As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Once more liberal feel good legislation costs the state jobs, tax income and future employment expansion. Those passing these laws never believe individuals will move to avoid legislated stupidity.

Harsh Gun Control Law Kills More Jobs: Beretta Leaving Maryland For Tennessee

Over the past two years we’ve seen numerous firearm manufacturing companies leave liberal states with new gun control laws. Maryland is the latest to state to face tough consequences for its new harsh and irrational gun control law. Beretta, a firearms company that has been in the state for decades, is headed to Tennessee with hundreds of jobs in tow.

Beretta U.S.A. announced Tuesday that company concerns over a strict gun-control law enacted in Maryland last year have made it necessary to move its weapons making out of the state to Tennessee.

The well-known gun maker said it will move to a new production facility it is building in the Nashville suburb of Gallatin that is set to open in mid-2015.

Beretta general manager Jeff Cooper said that a sweeping gun-control measure that was passed last year initially contained provisions that would have prohibited the Italian gun maker from being able to produce, store or even import into Maryland the products that the company sells around the world. While the legislation was changed to remove some of those provisions, Cooper said the possibility that such restrictions could be reinstated left the company worried about maintaining a firearm-making factory in Maryland. [snip]

Last year Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law extreme gun control measures despite strong objections from the public. Currently Beretta employs 400 people in Maryland. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, overall the firearms industry employs more than 200,000 people, has an economic impact of over $33 billion each year and provides the federal government with more than $4 billion in excise taxes each year.

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Pop Culture

You will see items like this from time to time.
Remember one thing, these people vote!
Can you guess for whom this individual might have voted?

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No bucks here

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Hope n’ Change

Tear Down This Law

Tear Down This Law

Yesterday, a three-judge panel ruled that the language contained in Obamacare’s previously unread 2000+ pages specifically spells out an inconvenient truth: federally funded subsidies are illegal for anyone purchasing health insurance policies from the federally-run exchanges (ie, “”) in 36 states.

Conservatives and constitutionalists were quick to cheer, predicting that the legal ruling might represent a long-awaited death blow to Obamacare. But their hope was short won: only hours later, another federal appeals court overruled the first federal appeals court, and said that because the critical language in the law was “ambiguous,” it could be interpreted by the IRS (the heavily armed, politically partisan enforcement wing of Obamacare) to mean whatever the hell they wanted it to mean.

To put it another way, if a law is incomprehensibly confusing, the appeals court says it should be interpreted by an agency that can’t even follow the simple instructions (not to mention laws) for backing up their emails. [snip]

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Big stink in North Korea

This video of the Dere Leader has Kim Jong Un in high dudgeon. He’s demanding that the vid be taken down so view it while you can.

North Korea Furious Over Viral Dancing Video Starring Kim Jong-un

The Supreme Leader is not happy.

Kim Jong-un’s latest ire comes from a Chinese-made YouTube video that has North Korea demanding its removal from the internet. The video, which features Kim’s head superimposed onto dancing bodies, shows the dictator waltzing his way through a variety of hilarious situations.

However, North Korea is not quite amused. As the South Korean publication Chosun Ilbo reports, “the North feels the clip, which shows Kim dancing and Kung-Fu fighting, ‘seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority.’” Please.[snip]

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If you wish not to see Socialism as Slavery, then you must view it as armed robbery. Yes, Grand Theft writ large by the Progressives in order to maintain a dependent voter base.

First, your wealth is purloined by the socialist powers for use in social engineering with a portion taken off the top to line their pockets. As you are seeing, the Country’s infrastructure is crumbling as more and more money is siphoned away from other budgets to feed the rising class of newly minted mendicants.

Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives operate on the premise that the main tenet of conservatives’ philosophy, is, “I got mine. The rest of you are on your own.” That would be true IF AND ONLY IF the Right was keeping all others from getting a leg up on making their way.

Progressives believe in equality, well so do I. The difference is they believe in equality of outcome while I believe in equality of opportunity. Everyone gets a chance, you make it or you fail.A trophy only for winners. However you can try again, Bonne chance la prochaine fois.

The concept of trophies for all, self-esteem before accomplishment produces individuals who are unable to function, to integrate into society. The effects of this: shootings in schools, malls and interpersonal violence.

So how is this grand theft, robbery. One way is the misuse of your tax dollars. That is a simple answer. If you don’t pay taxes owed, you’ll be fined, possibly jailed, but certainly have asserts confiscated and sold to satisfy the tax lien.

A more complex method is the squandering of other budgetary money on items not related to that given budget. An example is using highway trust funds to cover housing for illegals or the more common way is to borrow the money to buy cell phones (Obamaphones) then raise taxes to pay for the increased debt. When some one in the private sector does that it’s called a breach of fiduciary trust. It’s a felony.

A greater theft is the increase in so called “entitlements” which are not.
Social Security, Medicare and the Veterans Health Care are entitlements for they were paid into over time for the expressed purpose of getting a return later. The VA is a bit different since those that served, who could go in harms way were promised to be taken care of if sickness or injury occurred because of service. That’s payment up front.

Welfare, WIC, SNAP, and all of the other free emoluments doled out by the Progressives are not ‘Entitlements’ for not one cent has been paid into a fund to collect in future claims. This money is taken from working people under duress and given to those that don’t work for a living, but who enjoy cable TV, X-boxes, cars A/C, subsidized housing, health care, dental and clothing. Depending upon the area in which they live, these benefits can total more than $45,000/annum. That’s tax free so the equivalent is near $58,000 before taxes.
Are you making that much?

You can be sure that the Progressives will make sure you DON’T!

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