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As a woman, this should scare the hell out of you. There is no way that being defenseless is a healthy position, yet, that is the very position that Bloomberg and the Progressives wish you to be.

New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Inadvertently Proves Why Women Need a Gun

Bloomberg’s new anti-gun Organization Everytown is out with a new advertisement that inadvertently proves why women should be trained and armed before being faced with a violent attacker. [snip]

The point of the video according to Everytown is to urge people to contact their legislators about keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Fair enough, but what happens when a domestic abuser disobeys firearms laws already on the books and gets a gun illegally (as most criminals do)? As the video makes clear, there was a restraining order against the husband, which he violated. What are women supposed to do when violent attackers disobey the laws? I happen to believe that a piece of paper and a false assurance police will show up on time aren’t good enough. Women must be able to go on the offensive with equal force to protect themselves. [snip]

Protect and serve
Here in South Carolina, that ‘husband’ could have been legally shot through the closed door. Problem solved. I shall agree that isn’t the best solution; the kid and the woman would have some fierce memories. Those memories are better however, than being dead.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve run to the sound of guns. I’m not a cop although for a short time I did carry a badge,but that too is years ago. My instincts are as a combat fighter, one who seeks out those wishing to cause me, my team mates and my Country harm and inflict it upon them first.

So it is with much dismay when I hear the likes of Kerry, that feckless bunghole, telling others to make nice to people who have vowed to kill them, men, women and children. The names change but for this writing Hamas will do, although Hizbollah or al Qaeda or !S!S could be inserted. Pick the one you like. How about Boko Harum, does that one suit your fancy? Not yet, wait it will. Once they finish their bloody work wherever they are at the moment, they’ll becoming across the Mexican border as OTM. But I’m digressing.

What should the RoE (Rules of Engagement) be when we are in combat with a state or a group which in a non-signatory of the Geneva Convention.
Many nation states but not all, have signed that document governing warfare, treatment of prisoners, types of weapons to be used and banned and Codes of conduct by military personnel.

Next, what should the policy be regarding the fighting of terrorists when they:

  • Militarize hospitals
  • Militarize churches/mosques
  • Militarize schools
  • do not wear uniforms to identify themselves as combatants.
  • Bury themselves in local populations

Finally, Should we have a Nation building program after smashing some place into the ground? Is that our responsibility or is it the responsibility of the other counties that aided and abetted some group of clueless fools into starting that which they could not finish.

Lets go back to the first posit. If the opposition in not a signatory to the Geneva Convention, then we fight the war, (all shooting dustups are wars) by their rules. One of the firs rules any combat troop learns is to leave no live enemy behind them. If there are women with them, they’re carrying weapons and/or ammo. Same for older kids. Everyone is a combatant. I had kids toss grenades at me in the Nam, or place them in vehicles. You are just as dead as if an adult does it.

Posit two asks about placing weapons in hospitals, mosques or schools. That is turning them into armories. Those become military targets; hit them hard preferably when there are many terrorists inside. If the hospital has wounded fighters from prior skirmishes, see above about leaving no living enemies behind. They’ll do it to you; is it nice? NO, but it is reality.

Any one caught in a combat zone bearing arms out of uniform is considered a spy and can be summarily shot. That is in the Geneva Convention. So just whack anyone carrying a weapon; you can bet they mean you no good.

What about those mortar/rocket teams that hide in local population centers. If those people don’t agree with the terrorist’s positions, get the hell away from them, or kill them. Otherwise, it is assumed that they are part of the team, supplying ammo, concealment and escape routes. They become part of the legitimate target as part of the supply line.

Hamas has bragged they would win because Israel wants to live and Hamas is willing to die to win. George Patton had that right. Make the other bastard die for his country. By the numbers if necessary until some chunk of Snadland is nothing but a big bone pile.

Nation building is the final question. We rebuilt Japan and Germany after WWII. Both became productive nations and valued members in the world’s society.
What is different here is:

  • We’re not dealing with a Nation State.
  • We’re not dealing with civilized humans.
  • We are dealing with individuals that don’t want to belong to the human race.

If we are dealing with a nation-state and they’re not a signatory of the Geneva Convention, sobeit, they get the war by their rules, hard and fast with no quarter and until the population rises up against the rulers, assume they’re in favor and they get it in the neck too.

After pounding them into the sand, we should pack up and go home, leaving the carnage as a reminder to the others that behaving like barbarians gets degrading treatment. If you are going to bury them, do it face down so they can see where they’re going.

Quickly the world will find out how much affection there is for this kind of behavior. If there is some approbation, why they can have a helping of kickass so they can get the feel of it too.

One has to win, losing isn’t an option and a draw only postpones the bleeding for a short time.

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Muzzy Puppets

Mullah this

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Ideology as God

With the Eleven Commandments of Transcendental Communism as delivered by Fauxahontas, from the Spiritual Stump of Progressive Perfection, permitted us a glimpse of God manifested as “Power and the Way” on Earth.

One of the precepts of a God concept is infallibility. Only when the Pope speaks ex cathedra is he considered to be infallible since he’s dealing with matters of the Church. Otherwise, most religions shy away from iron clad dogma; not Ideology. If nothing else, Progressives are pure ideologues. Ideology governs all, and the State is the embodiment of the God figure. Keep this in mind as ObamaCare, Green Energy and other failures get put under the glass.

Most primitive societies and backward political structures look to some set of Gods or a God and a Shaman to ‘Speak to Them’. Thus the formation of the ‘elite’ for powers such as those accrue more powers of course. Regardless of the correctness of choice, the ‘elite’ will, in an attempt to control the population, economy and cultural direction, make decisions based on political (ideological) thought rather than sound economic/business theory. The mere idea that someone somewhere is making more money than someone else uproots the base idea of ‘equality’. Upset this might get the individuals thinking which is always a bad idea. If there is any concept to be thought, the State will offer the correct thought for proper discussion. Asking incorrect questions is counter revolutionary, something to be discouraged quickly so that others ‘get the message’ not to follow suit.

ObamaCare is the perfect example of the round peg/square hole conundrum. The concept is free to low cost health care and the complication is paying for it. The obvious method is Governmental Theft under the nicer name redistribution of wealth. This concept, born in Sherwood Forest, never fell into disfavor with Despots, Kings, Parliamentarians of any stripe, Congresses, Dictators or Communists/Socialists/Progressives/Liberals. (Never let them hide behind another name) That is causing the huge gas pain now disrupting the DC Poobahs in their dithering. The latest ruling on subsidies, if it stands, will crush the affordability of ObamaCare making the fallibility of God apparent to all. Command economies don’t work; more proof now given. But, lessons in failure are not enjoyed by God as Government. This failure is the failure of ‘equality’.

Capitalism believes, as written in the Declaration and guaranteed in the Constitution, in ‘Equality of Opportunity”. It has taken us a while to get there for all but it is here, imperfections included.
The Ideological God believes in the “Equality of Outcome”, which is far from the same meaning. Try as one might, it isn’t possible to achieve that result. Human nature will interfere every time; some individuals are industrious, others are slothful, others liberal, thus stupid.

Unvoiced in Warren’s model of ‘equality’ is the Animal Farm configuration. Her ideas of equality for herself don’t extend quite as far as what she mouths for thee. None of the Nomenclatura are going to get down for the struggle, they’re not going to give up the Chardonnay for Blatz or Colt 45. Nor are they going to take a bus when they have that chauffeured buggy to take them past the squalid boxes of the Narod. No-no-no, that kind of equality is for you. So is the socialized medicine, food stores, transportation, clothing and anything else a command economy might produce. Which isn’t much.

While we’re discussing all this caring about people, one must believe that the planet we inhabit falls under that purview also. If that is the case how can the Ideologues expressing their divine knowledge allow the “War on Coal” progress to the point of allowing the shipment of coal to heavily polluting countries.

US sending ‘dirty’ coal overseas

For the Ideologues professing love of Gaia and believers in Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption and any new appellation conjured up from whole cloth, they’re short of action. Typical though, for they believe that talking about something constitutes action AND results.

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Isn’t it strange and humerus to have one of the biggest adherents of Progressive thought claim that the world “is a mess.” Considering that, with the exception of the ’80′s, the Progressives or the milquetoast New England Republican conservatives have run this country since the ’70′s and before and Socialist /Communists run the balance of the world for close to a century.

If they consider the world to be a mess, who are they going to blame? Who has help the reins of power? Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford was a caretaker, Carter, Reagan and then the string of Progressives or Conservative Lite. That’s from 1960 to 2014. Nixon had to fight a Donkey Congress

We’ve had six years of Obama feeding into the furnace of Middle-east discontent, helping the Arab Spring foment one disaster after another, first Libya, then Egypt, then Syria. All are except Egypt a mess. And Egypt isn’t working out as he’d like.

Albright: ‘The World Is a Mess’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former Clinton administration Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, “To put it mildly, the world is a mess.

“Can you recall a time when there was so much trouble in so many places around the world?” “Face the Nation” anchor Bob Schieffer asked of Albright.

“What is happening in the Middle East a lot due to the Arab Awakening and also the artificiality of the borders that were established after World War I,” Albright said. “These are huge game changers and a lot of Americans are trying to figure out where the countries are. Most Americans knew little about Islam and did not know the difference between Shia and Sunni. There are things that are going on that need understanding and explanation but to put it mildly, the world is a mess.”

Notice Schieffer didn’t ask Albright who’s responsible or better yet who was/is in power during this time.
That answer would have been quite interesting.

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Time goes by

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Hope n’ Change

Uncle Ream Us


In case you’re wondering why the president is now greeted with the musical strains of “Zippity Doo Dah” rather than “Hail to the Chief,” it’s because Barack Obama has decided that the only way he can pull the midterms out of the fire for the Democrats is to deliberately try to get himself impeached. Which is why the White House has started floating accusations that some unnamed person or body is thinking about impeaching the alleged president.

But why would Barry want to get impeached? Because in the current political climate, he could never actually be convicted by the other Democrats and so he can happily use the mere threat of impeachment as “proof” that he’s the victim of racism. And the GOP knows this, which is why it doesn’t want to start impeachment proceedings despite the fact that Obama is so clearly guilty of a vast buttload of high crimes and misdemeanors (including using the IRS as a political weapon, and rewriting healthcare law on a nearly daily basis for his own political benefit).

In the Uncle Remus story about Brer Rabbit, the wily hare begged the fox not to throw him into the briar patch – which was actually what he most wanted. Similarly, Brer Obama is doing his best to goad the GOP into throwing him into the impeachment patch. And since just being a wretched anti-American president hasn’t been enough, he’s now upping the ante to “triple dog dare” status. [snip]

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